Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ruthless German efficiency!

Some things just don't change! The Germans always seem to do well in big soccer tournaments. Like or dislike them, they're always consistently in the semis, finals or winning it altogether. Unlike our national football team who is pretty consistent as well : Consistently slipping down the rankings of world football! Why the FAM keeps sending our coaches and players for attachments in England i will never understand! FAM, England have only won once on their home ground and since then have not even had a sniff at it again! So get smart and send them to Germany.

The Germans play simple football and I am just puzzled why the world doesn't copy their recipe for success. Is it because they breed certain types of players that other countries can't? They never had amazingly skilful players like a Pele, a Maradona, a Ronaldo etc. Yet they are so successful in World Cup campaigns.

The same goes for their automobile industry. BMW, Mercedes Benz etc are top names which are really still unmatched in terms of quality and brand name. The clowns in DBKL recently sent a 15 member team for a "Lawatan Sambil Belajar" trip to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and whatever "Tan" there is to learn about their transportation systems! Do u believe that??? And when they returned, what did they do? Increase parking rates and extend the times where parking fees are chargeable!

Anyway, will be rooting for Spain in tonite's 2nd semifinal. Wouldn't be too heartbroken if the Russians make it through as they play attractive football as well. Just hope the winners will then rip apart that efficient machine that is Germany!


Mohan said...

LLT: Dei stop ampu'ing the humourless damn Germans! They seem like a very average team this time around! And the way Spain played tonight,...beautiful!..almost peed in me pants. They have so many options up front! They're gonna kick arse man and send the germans back so fast in their reliable BMW's and Mercedeses!
p/s: Why we don't send our players there?...there's NO Maggi Mee there!
p/s: Suppose I'm being a bit biased after realisng that most of the German dudes i know here are bigger pissheads than me(humbling experience)!!

Life's Like That said...

Well, their average always seems to be better than other team's best, judging by their results. Spain played exceptional last nite and i hope they carry that form into the final!

Cheers Espana!