Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Women are a special species!

A friend of mine told me what happened to him over the weekend and it had me laughing so hard that I just have to share it :

It was on Sunday at abt 11am and my fren was still in bed. Suddenly, his sister, who had just bought a new car 3 mths ago called him on the phone and started panicking. This was how the conversation went :

Sis : Bro, pls help me. I have a puncture and I donno wat to do.
Bro : Where are you?
Sis : In Bangsar
Bro : Is there a petrol station nearby?
Sis : Yes. Can't u come and help me?
Bro : Aiya, puncture small thinglah. Ask the petrol station fellas to help u lah!
Sis : What can the petrol station fella do? I need you to come pick me and I will leave the car here.
Bro : What? Just get them to help u lah!
Sis : How to help?
Bro : Ask them to take the spare tyre and replace the punctured onelah!
Sis : Spare tyre? What spare tyre?

She didn't even know there was a spare tyre in her car!!!



senorita.. said...

HAHAHA. thank God i'm better than that

Mohan said...

Dude, think it a big mistake when we gave the other species the right to vote, drive a car etc. What would they think of next... equal opportunities at jobs and pay too...hahaha. Be kind mate, quite a number of the scrotum possessing species are clueless sometimes too(not too thick though) and rely on the AA. They're a weird species...Got pounded yesterday when i told a close friend to stop her breasts looking at my eyes!!

Life's Like That said...

Mohan : I like that! Stop her breasts looking at my eyes! Only a mad man like u wld think of s'thing like that!

Senorita : Thank goodness!

Mohan said...

Am not that mad! Read it off a bumper sticker somewhere! Anyway she was not wearing the bra thingee!!... she did buy me a nice Italian meal in a posh restaurant though!! Suppose that's what you get when you complement women... see I'm nice!

senorita.. said...

what's bra thingie? it's either a bra or a thing... LOL

banned from fornicating with students... woah.. how many students have u mounted?

btw,am from Mlk Tengah lor... u guys Malaccans as well?

anfield devotee said...

Me female colleagues have never heard of a . . . car wash . . . & it fooking shows! Their cars are a fooking disgrace!

akuani said...

it's amazing in this day and age - such things happen.

I can't change a flat myself - admitted! but at least I know I got all the necessary gear with me to pass to any kind soul who might stop to help :))

but having said that a tangent thought crossed my mind ... perhaps in my next blog :) I'll cross ref this piece.

Life's Like That said...

Mohan : Is this woman an alien? You demean her by looking at her braless.....and then she buys you dinner at a posh Italian restaurant??? If she's human, I wanna know her!!!

Senorita : Good questions! Can't wait for his answers. Yes we are both Malaccans.

AD : Never heard of carwash? Gosh, u need to educate them a little bro! At least tell them where the carwash is!

Akuani : Thanks for dropping by my blog. haha! Looks like you won't b calling big brother to come rescue you if you have a puncture! Waiting for a knight in shining armour?????? Good Luck!

Thanks for cross-referencing. Appreciate that.

senorita.. said...

some women like to be appreciated.. maybe that's y he got the dinner =P

akuani said...

LLT : errr knights in shiny armour?? no chance of that happening - unless he has GPS he ain't doing a good job finding me EVEN when am not in distress *ahahahah*

Happens I am the big sister, and last time I had a dead battery in a parking lot in Brickfields and called my bro he was somewhere in Penang - this being 7pm on a Friday ... was like WTF do we have male siblings for!

However, I have to agree with Mohan - have met some totally clueless dudes when it comes to cars - was (thankfully past tense) married to one who took 3 hours to figure out how to change his flat tyre, and another 2 hours to actually do it.

AD: my wheels Charles never sees water for months :)) motley as he is - I still wuff my wheels :))

Such exciting times we live in! :))

Life's Like That said...

Senorita : If we did wat he did in M'sia, we'll probably get a slap!

Akuani : Haha! I have 3 sisters and sometimes I wonder y I have 3 sisters too! Oops, sis, if u r reading this, just jokinglah!

Yeah, there are clueless dudes when it comes to cars as well. I once told a guy fren to "Jump-start" his car and he gave the, "WTF is that" look. Hmmmm....I rest my case!

senorita.. said...

hahahaha.. i absolutely love it when i come across dudes who have no clues whatsoever abt cars

senorita.. said...

i mean as compared to me la... =P

anfield devotee said...

Can I just set the record straight here?

RE: Akuani
Me was drinking with her big bro when he gets a SOS call from dear old sis with a flat. Brudder was already mabuk, had to pinjam jack & cross wrench from customer as neither akuani or he had the tools (then). Harruumph!

And yes, Akuani, all me colleagues sing the same refrain - they absolutely adore their cars . . . but like you canna be bothered to even wash em.

Its just like the Indian wife beater who says he does it because he loves her . . .

Pls wash yer cars!!!

Mohan said...

hahaha...women and cars!! You know a car can be used for many many strange and lovely things.(let's see the sick minds stirring!!)
Senorita: Me mounting women almost half my age..what were you thinking! I prefer me lying on my back sipping my doubleScotch and letting them do the work(oh!wait and having a cigarette at that too)..hahaha!
LLT: The woman is a very close friend..so i suppose i get away with murder and have to endure the pain of the occasional smack on the nuts!
AD, like the 60/70's feminist motto goes..'Let's burn our bras and wash the cars'..:-)
p/s: Yup I'm from Klebang, Melaka and have know LLT since I was 7, growing up in Melaka! Haven't been back for 2 1/2 years and miss the babes, booze and beach there!

senorita.. said...

M,if you can still enjoy the Scotch and cigarette while she's doing all the work, i bet she's not doing a very good job. =)

Life's Like That said...

It's starting to sound like a James Bond script now! Cars, sex, ciggies, alcohol and a character called M! Only thing missing is the hunk to play him. And Mohan, u don qualify!

Senorita : M gets his priorities wrong all the time. His drink is his god! Everything else comes second. The girl can b doing a fantastic job and he still won't notice, unless he runs out of drinks! Haha!

We are both fm Klebang. M was my first fren in school!

AD : The other option is get the hubby or bf to do it! Of course I do it on my own free will for wifey, rite lo-po?

Mohan said...

Senorita: Some ppl. can multi-task you know..hahaha!
LLT: You want me to get a GF so i can wash her car...man! some insentive that is.

akuani said...

AD: you didn't have the right Gizmos because I was not anywhere in this equation ... plus unless it was a Kia Rio .. I don't think it would have made a diff I was at hand with tools to boot :))

And boozed out at 11am??? what is this world coming to?

As for washing my car - Oh I was a fanatic the first 3 years with Charles ... every Sunday cleaned and shiny and I parked in the basement of my office.

Last 2 years, I wash Charles, he is parked in the open dusty gravel WTF type parking lot and come evening I don't recognise him no more *sniff* and with my bad back I want to kill somebody for this disaster!

Hahhaha so now, if I get the time to get someone else to wash Charles great otherwise ... with 6" dust I look quite mean too hehehe on the roads

(AD: stop laughing your ass off here - you ain't seen me drive yet - alot of people do literally eat my dust when I'm in the mood to be mean. I know I look like an auntie (getting to that stage too I guess) but looks are deceiving ... :))

senorita.. said...

multi-task or not... if the girl is doing her job well,all else will b forgotten....

i cannot believe guys will enjoy his drink more than sex/blowjob performed on him when the two happen simultaneously... i just cant

Mohan said...

Senorita: What out or sorts mind you have(read dreadfully filthy!)... of course I was taking of them reading poems to me.. hahaha!
Anyway..trying to think when I last did it sober...still thinking...and thinking....and still thinking!..Maybe Once..OK I was stonned but that still counts. Think booze and babes go hand in hand!
Girl not doing her job well.. what's that all about?(Some feminist you are) Most of the time we guys have to do all the work and they just make strange noises...hahaha!
p/s: This blog is going to be rated PG18 sooner or later!

anfield devotee said...

Yo Mohan & LLT, just discovered this abslutely wonderful music blog:

Its contains listings of all other music download sites & the site itself was full of the weird, wonderful & better yet . . . RARE!!! WooHoo!

Am downloading the best of legendary guitarist Link Wray. Also saw Suicides first LP there, the weird Electric Moog Ochestra doing music from Close Encounetrs of the Third Kind etc etc! Awesome!

There's soul, funk, blues, you name it.

So there, me thinks this blog should satisy anyone with its numeorus links.

Gav, you said nothing fer you, well here it is. A veritable treasure trove of goodies waiting fer you.

Mohan, am sure you'll love this one! Enjoy!

Life's Like That said...

Mohan n Senorita : Yes, stop turning my blog into a PG-18 rated blog. Hope one day we can all sit down, have some drinks and see you 2 spar away!

Akuani : Your car is named Charles?
Boozed out at 11am? Mohan is boozed out all the time! Muahahaha...

Mohan : I have just smashed whatever reputation you have!

Life's Like That said...

AD, thanks for info. And also thank you for guiding this blog back to non-PG 18 status! Haha!

Mohan said...

Me ever had any reputation?? Gosh thanks dude(made my day!) and
Ad, thanks once again for the music sites. Shall check it out soon.

akuani said...

LLT: Thanks for coming across and reading my offshoot - just for the record, I get really anal about some topics eheheh.

Your piece was the lighter side of things and no doubts happens on any given day. I just like to turn everything inside out and question it - call me strange :))

And YES :)) my car is Charles. There's a piece about this on my blog somewhere about the history of Charles

Don't you boys have names for yer wheels too??

and a big hi to everyone, you can call me .ani (the 'dot' is optional *grin*)

Life's Like That said...

Ani : No. Haven't heard of any guys who have names for their cars. A car is a car is a car!

senorita.. said...


that's my superhero ability i guess...

sorry again.. i shall be pure in my comments from now on


Life's Like That said...

Awwwwwww Senorita don change! Then you'll only b half the fun! Besides all the Malaccans I know can't be "Pure" for too long!!! Muahahaha....Muahahahah....Muahahaha....

Mohan said...

hey LLTDude,
where's the new blog writings?? Have you gotten smashed! and passed out! or wifey decided enough is enough, either come to bed or blog?...hahaha
AD, asked me in his blog why your taste in Music differes so much from mine although we've know each other for a long time..told him.. You're still sticking to crap to get lucky with one of those Amoi's working in the hairdressing salons!..hahaha

Life's Like That said...

Mohan : Been a bit tied up the past 2 days but I am back with new posts. Hey, even wifey is asking "How come no new posts leh?"

All I have to say abt my choice of music is this, "One man's meat is another man's poison"

Getting lucky with Amoi's in hairdressing saloons??? It's official. Your brain is fried!