Monday, July 28, 2008

A ray of sunlight!

With all the political gloom hovering over us daily, it is such a breath of fresh air when you read abt Malaysians that bring glory to our country. Over the past 2 weeks, our sportsmen/women have brought tremendous success to our country. Unfortunately they have been put in the shade due to the coverage given to our political circus. I would like to salute the following :

1)GAVIN Kyle Green(Golf) - winner of the under-14 World Golf Championships in the US

2)Men's senior and junior 5-men bowling teams - Winner of the World Bowling Championships 2008 (Senior) and Junior Asian Championships 2008 (Junior)

3)Nicol David(World No 1), Ong Beng Hee(World no 9) and Azlan Iskandar(World no 10)

4)Men's archery team - Silver medallist in recent world championships and world no 4.

To all these people : Great job! Best of luck and thank you for bringing us positive news!


Mohan said...

Nice of you to highlight that! Quite proud of them all. Funny how the least amounts of monies the gov. spends on these forms of sport actually breeds excellence!!(unlike our disfunctional football team or atheletics dudes!). Damn! I miss the Kubu stadium matches!!!

Then again, we need a superstar... someone the WORLD can recognise at an instant!(am wondering how many of those ppl. are instantly recognised like Nadal etc.).
p/s: Dude... highlighting your name in some teen sensation to claim some associated glory trying to forget that you're becoming an old fuck like all of us with aching limbs everytime we lift our beer mugs..huh!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yup, i'm proud of them too, especially nicole. hopefully we dont need to wait till doomsday til our footballers make it to the list.

i'll be rooting for our shuttlers for this coming olympics. you just never know. Chong Wei might just spring a surprise or two.

anfield devotee said...

mohan: Kubu stadium? Peminat Towkay & G Torairaju la you fellas . . .

kerp: We can only dream of footballing glory. Think about it, there are people like Moz sanggup sokong spurs & suffer rather than support local footie!

LLT: Badminton in Beijing? Sorry la, host nation clean sweep.

Life's Like That said...

M : That was what I have been saying all this while. Sports that have less funding can produce world class athletes whereas sports like football who have sponsorship in the millions are headed for the other end of the spectrum. Our hockey team can't even beat Italy and France now! Totally embarassing!

As for the superstar bit, don think we r gonna get to see one in our lifetime!

Yes, Kubu Stadium, those were the days!

Kerp : Our footballers? They have as much chance as us being invited to an orgy!(For those who r blur now, go to Kerp's blog to check out what we are talking abt).

I think the surprise will come from our doubles pairs.

AD : Towkay, Torai, Kuw Fou, Ramli Junit etc.

Bro, I doubt the Chinese will have a clean sweep! Pressure too great!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

muahahahhaha...very good ANALogy la guys.

Sha said...

I agree with Mohan. The less RM the Badawi gomen spend on the sports, the better the sportspeople excel.

Please don't even get me started on our current football team. Utterly useless bunch of footballers. Sungguh memalukan! I had the opportunity to be on the same flight as the whole bunch of morons. So embarassing! They were rude and obnoxious acting as if they were so great when in actual fact the whole bunch of them do not even have the talent of Towkay or the late Mokhtar Dahari.