Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is it worth coming back to work?

The govt has been asking M'sian professionals working overseas to return and serve in our country. They have promised many sweeteners in their attempts to get these pros back. Here is the story of a friend of mine T, a surgeon.

T had been working in London and decided to take up our govt's offer to return. That's when his nightmare started. First it took the health ministry 6 months to decide which hospital to assign him to!

T, being a workaholic, then decided to work longer hours to shorten the waiting list of patients needing operations. To do this, he had to get the hospital staff to work longer hours as well. He could not get anyone to work even when he wanted to fork out his own money to pay them. Their punctuality was another bane to him. Scheduled operations were delayed b'cos staff were not punctual!

Then, the hospital staff started awful rumours abt him which made him even more furious. He is starting to regret the fact that he returned to M'sia.

So, low salaries are not the only reason that our pros are reluctant to return to M'sia. The platform for them to produce their best work has to be there and local staff mentality has to be upgraded to a higher level. If this is not done, we can forget abt more M'sians coming to serve in our country!


anfield devotee said...

hmmmm. . . do the rumours have anything to do with his sweeter than sweet assistant? hee hee

Life's Like That said...

Don think so la bro. They are professional in nature. But the, who knows! Haha!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

no disrespect to your friend la boss but he shouldnt have even thought about coming back in the first place. all the sweet talks from the gomen are normally just a tale could he have fallen for that?

Life's Like That said...

Kerp : He was not swayed by promises from our gomen. He was ready for the drastic cut in salary and all. But what he couldn't stand was the mentality of the employees in the hospital. Strictly 9-5 and nothing else. One of them even had the cheek to tell him,"Saya kerja 8 jam atau 12 jam, gaji pun sama. Buat apa nak kerja lebih!"