Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Speed and adrenaline!

I had quite an experience last night. Went out for dinner with a friend last nite who had just purchased a brand new spanking BMW Z4 roadster. After dinner, he said, "Wanna take the wheels for a spin?" I said "ok". I did not know that his "spin" was to get on the highway and drive all the way to Tanjung Malim!!!

When we got into the highway via Jalan Duta, he stopped at the side. He lowered the top and I was complaining b'cos hey this is M'sia and u don drive with your top down unless u wan to lose 5 years of your life from pollution! He said, "Relax Bro and hold on tight". Then off we went! He was weaving in and out of traffic and on clear stretches my heart almost dropped as the speedometer touched 240km/h!!! And all this with the roof down! Guess how long it took us to reach Tg Malim? 18 freaking minutes! And the roads were not exactly clear all the way! I think my parts was almost at my throat at times!

The best part was yet to come. When we reached Tg Malim, had a teh tarik and decided to head back, he said, "Bro, here are the keys. Your turn!" Alrite!!!!! Eased into the highway and the machine handled like a dream. Extremely stable due to low centre of gravity and very steering-sensitive. After familiarising meself with the car, I started to accelerate. 140, 150, 160. Don feel a thing! Then 170, 180 and finally 200! I have finally driven 200km/h on a road car! Then went to 220 and decided, alrite boy u've had your moment of fun and it's time to reach home safely. Couldn't do the journey in 18 mins, only 30 mins. Still pretty fast tho!

Yeah, me and the Z4. You and me will be re-united again!


anfield devotee said...

He he . . . Now you finally see the "fun" in going "topless" la. So bila beli?

Go one step further la & do the Z8!!!

And yes, me will of course tumpang naik when go out fer drinks even if its just in puchong!

Life's Like That said...

Don think going to belilah. Just tumpang fren's cukuplah. By the way, the steering wheel kind a numbs your hands for some reason.

If I ever get one, you are welcome anytime!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

dude, i am green with envy la. must have felt like king of the road while cruising on it.

who have you been mixing with btw? politicians?

Life's Like That said...

Kerp : King of the road with balls at his throat!

No politicians, just a lucky bastard with plenty of dough!

senorita.. said...

sexy FR car..

Moonfish said...

Wah!!! So exciting! Topless somemore. Only the feller sitting on the left is totally wrong ;)

anfield devotee said...

Dude, pls support 'Fly upside down flag' this Merdeka by posting image on yer blog!

Pls see me blog (Sight and sound of the times posting)fer details. Help spread the word. Cheers!

Life's Like That said...


I am all for change and hoping for snaps, change of govt and all that. But if there is one thing that is still sacred to me is the national flag. I will not support this.

Sha said...

Woahhh....I am so jealous! Lucky you!