Monday, October 13, 2008

What's happening now?

Each day we are bombarded with negative news abt the credit crunch hitting the world's economic markets. Stock exchanges in many countries are affected and have been registering record falls. In Wall Street(The biggest stock exch in the world), losses have exceeded ten trillion dollars(Don even know how much that is)!

Our PM and DPM claim that the KLSE has just been recording drops of just around 3% and we will be able to withstand the credit crunch. Withstand??? Banks are now reluctant to give out loans for any purpose provided you are in a financially good position. I m no financial expert, but aren't the ones not in good financial position who need the loans. Second hand car dealers are reported to be in dire straits b'cos of this.

Our leaders, instead of coming up with ideas to overcome this crisis are more interested to vie for posts in their parties. The MCA, Gerakan and UMNO are all having their elections soon. Everyone is so busy affiliating themselves with the "right people" that once again the rakyat is suffering. Has anyone brought up the fact that oil is now at USD78 a barrel? Shouldn't price of petrol be somewhere aroun RM2 now?

Our outgoing PM has made another stupid comment again. He says he will leaving in March 2009 and plans to implement what he started 5 years ago. What are they? Judicial reforms, eradication of corruption and poverty! Isn't this what he preached when he first got elected? If he couldn't do it in 5 yrs, what chance has he got in 5months!!!

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anfield devotee said...

Strangely, even Anwar failed to capitalise on the record low fer crue oil in two years.

Plus he's said today, he's not gonna push fer a motion of no-confidence.

Sigh . . . Looks like we'll have to weather a full four years under Najib.

Fooking hell man.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

dollah fails BIG time. he did more damage than anything else. it goes without saying, he's the most unitelligent leader we've got in the gistory of our country.

Life's Like That said...

Anwar has set Dec 8 as the date Pakatan will take over the govt. What a shitty b'day I'll have on the 9th if this is another exercise in hot air!