Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We're behind you Stevie G!

I guess it must have gotten every tru-blue Liverpool fan worried now that our most influential player and captain has been charged with assault and affray for an altercation in a Liverpool Pub. My immediate thot was that this was done by an opportunist wanting to make money off a celebrity. This has happened a million times and is normally settled by a small out-of-court payment.

However, this case may be slightly different as he was locked up for quite a while and has now been charged. If convicted, he may be imprisoned for 5 years! And to add salt to the wound, the so-called "Assaulted" person was an MU scum!

Whatever it is, Stevie G, you'll always have our backing for we'll never let you walk alone!!!


anfield devotee said...

Am pretty fooking certain that the scum DJ was mouthing off as only scummers know how . . .


Life's Like That said...

maybe even paid off by some other scums to get Stevie in trouble! Let's hope fer the best!