Saturday, June 14, 2008

Go Holland Go 2!!!!

Whoopeeeee!!!!! This Euro has really given us plenty of games of high quality and last nite's Holland-France was another one. Altho the 4-1 victory for Holland may say otherwise, but it was a well-balanced game. France played pretty well too. Bravo Holland as you once again showed what attacking football was all about. And please don disappoint your loyal supportes like me once again by screwing it up in the knockout stages. Romania did well too by holding Italy to a draw. I had predicted in the beginning that the current world champions and runners-up could get knocked out in this Group of Death and it is starting to materialise! What a great game football is! Can't wait for Sweden-Spain later 2nite!


Moonfish said...

Wah! So rajin blogging away. I'm so impress~~~

Life's Like That said...

Hello! What has happened to you? Remember, you were the one that convinced me that this was worth doing! I must thank you for that cos I am really enjoying this.

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