Sunday, June 8, 2008

My piggy bank after filling petrol today!!!

Received another one of those funny mails today!


anfield devotee said...

Also symbolic of the fooking pork prices! Ha ha!

ps: Waah, since ada blog sendiri, no longer bother to drop by me blog ah, lan si pundek.
Am kind enough to put link to yer blog, return the favour la bagger!

Life's Like That said...

Your current piece again metallah bro! Donno wat to comment.

By the way yr link is at bottom of my blog. That was the first thing I did bro! Always appreciative of wat u did!!!

Mohan said...

maybe you ppl. should ride the hogs from the SuperFarm they're planning in Selangor to work and make sure you take that stubborn access road(BMC). You ppl. are getting screwed good and proper by the fuckers!!

Life's Like That said...

Mohan, U are keeping in touch with the local scene even in the UK. Good to see you are keeping abreast with local developments. And yes, we are getting royally screwed!