Friday, June 20, 2008

My worse fears starting to come true!

When Euro started everyone was ooh and ahh-ing performances by Spain, Holland, Portugal and Croatia. I told them, as proven in many previous tournaments, gd performances in early rounds normally end with a whimper in later rounds. In later rounds, it is normally the fundamentally sound teams like the Germans or Italians who make it through. And damn! It's happening again as Portugal got soundly beaten this morning by the Germans. And Ronaldo was marked out of the game completely! So Real Madrid, he ain't worth what you intend to pay MU for!

Holland, Spain : Please win!


anfield devotee said...

Like me said earlier, me money is on Croatia. Spain & Netherlands are fooking famous chokers la.

Life's Like That said...

I've got this funny feeling that either Italy or Germany will win this again. Some things just don change altho me heart is with the Dutch!