Wednesday, June 18, 2008

RM625 rebate - part II

Since i put the RM625 post last nite, I have received about 15 calls with regard to the procedures required to get your $$ back. This is the summary of answers to the questions I received :

1)Yes, there are enuf forms at the PO. There is no shortage.
2)The forms are free. You don have to buy them.
3)You can make claims at all post offices throughout the country.
4)You get cash, not cheques or money orders.
5)RM625 for cars and RM150 for mbikes
6)I am not sure if you can make claims for two cars registered under yr name.
7)You can't make a claim on behalf of someone else.

That's abt it. If you need more info, you will have to ask the PO!


anfield devotee said...

How ah, me has three cars registered under me name?

Life's Like That said...

Donnolah bro. U gotta go check at PO! Wah! Loaded man. 3 cars! Thats RM1,875. Lots of beers!

Trinity said...

hey! where's my 'special mention' as promised?? *tsk*tsk*

i got my rebate in less than a minute!! no queue n no fuss!! whee...

Life's Like That said...

Welcome trinity! Saving your special mention for later!

By the way, which PO did you go to?